Pest Control

The following poisons/solutions can be used to control pest and diseases in the garden.

Please remember that chemical pest control damages the environment and need to be used cautiously.  Frogs, birds, earthworms and other wild life in your garden will normally be a good indication on the status of the ecosystem in your garden.

Remember its poisons and can be dangerous if not used carefully.  Keep out of reach of children and pets.  When applying poisons take all situations in consideration, like the direction of the wind, wearing protective gear, where the children will play, etc.

Aphids (plant lice)

-Use a dilution of 5 ml Sunlight  liquid on a liter of water and spay trees with it.(make sure you use Sunlight liquid, some of the other brands of dish washing liquid has the effect on some elms that it cause the tree to lose all its leafs in days.)

-Nicotine spray can also be used

-Garden Gun, Rose Care

-Merit (last whole year, read the instructions)

Red Spider Mite

– Kelthane, Red Spidercide


– Confidor, Merit, Oleum

Mealy bug

– Squash them


-Malathion, Bexadust, Margaret Roberts Caterpillar Killer


-Dyant, Garden Gun


-Size 9 Nike


– Confidor, Merit

Trees that has not been repotted this year can be dunked in a water solution of 15 ml of Jeyes fluid to 15 liters of water and 10 ml of Sunlight liquid, left in the solution for ten minutes.  This will remove all ants from your trees and discourage other bugs from moving into your bonsai soil.

Root Rot


Fungal attack of seedlings and cuttings 

Several contact fungicides are available on the market.  An organic prevention of fungal attacks on seedlings can be made with 3-4 garlic gloves crushed and placed in 2 liters of water for two days (keep the lid on it)  Then water the seedlings regularly with it until they are strong enough. (try not to keep this mixture longer than two days in the bottle, after a longer period your neighbors will contact the UN poison gas unit as soon as you open the bottle)


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