About Us

Stone Lantern is a Bonsai Nursery located in Joostenberg Vlakte, Kraaifontein, Cape Town, South Africa.

Business hours:

Wednesday till Saturday from 10 till 3 and

Sunday from 10 till 2

Bonsai trees

Different species and sizes of bonsai are available in bonsai pots as well as training pots. We grow most of our bonsai ourselves and stock a large selection of bonsai stock grown in open ground to increase the size of the trunk.

Every year during August, field grown bonsai stock arrive, giving a wide selection of larger trees/trunks available for the bonsai enthusiast.  We grow the trunk and base and you add the branches and ramification.  This stock trees are left with different options of branch structures, apex and styles to allow the bonsai enthusiast to create his/her own design.

We also stock a large collection of collected trees and trunks for further development by the bonsai grower.

We stock a wide selection of bonsai stock in bags.

Bonsai pots

A wide range of Bonsai pots from general use to high quality imported pots are available in different shapes, sizes and colours.

Bonsai tools

We stock a wide selection of bonsai tools that will suit the needs from the basic tools needed by a beginner to professional quality Japanese tools for the professional grower.  We stock tools from Ryuga, Kikuwa, Kaneshin, ARS and several other suppliers.

Bonsai wire

Both Aluminium (1-8mm) and Copper (1-3.25mm) wire is available.

Aluminium is available in sizes 1mm-8mm in small rolls for beginners and 100 and 500 gram rolls.

Copper wire is available in sizes 1mm-3.25mm in 250 and 500 gram rolls

Bonsai accesories

We stock a large range of bonsai accessories like

mud men, decorative gravel, bonsai potting soil, fertilizers, training pots, pest control, books, and lots more.


We supply direct to the public as well as whole sale.  Bonsai from small beginners tree to advance stock are available.

We offer a boarding service for bonsai.  When you go on leave or away from home we will care for your trees.  Often bonsai growers loose several of their trees due to friends killing their trees with love (over watering it) or due to lack of experience in caring for bonsai.

We supply smaller trees for corporate events.

Bonsai trees can be rented for events, reception areas, etc.

Contact us for details.