Events in the Bonsai World

Several events are planned for the near future.


19 August 2017 – Oyama Winter Bash

26 August 2017 – Stone Lantern Annual open day – New stock released for sale at the nursery.  Freddie Bisschoff will also do a talk and demo on Chinese elms and how to style, design and prune them.  Freddie will have trees in different stages of development on display.  Freddie will also hold a workshop where he will assist growers with styling their trees.  Only 10 spaces available so book.

17 – 19 November 2017 – National Bonsai Convention in PE – More details to follow.

25-26 November 2017 – Boland Bonsai Kai Show in Stellenbosch

27 January 2018 – Talk and demo on ficus burtt-davyi development and styling.  Freddie Bisschoff will do a demo on ficus burtt-davyi and also uncover a root over rock planting that he did a year ago.  On the day he will explain what he did and his thoughts behind the design.  Not to be missed.  Talk will be held at Stone Lantern Bonsai Nursery.