Sphagnum Moss – 2 lt


Sphagnum Moss – 2 lt

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Sphagnum Moss 2lt – Origin Chile  – Sphagnum moss is a versatile growing medium that can be used in many different applications.  It retains a lot of moisture without being soggy, its got antibacterial properties, neutral Ph, etc.

Used in air layering, covering soil, soil mix, terrariums for plants and reptiles, kokedama balls, lining in hanging baskets, soil mixtures, orchid cultivation, succulent growing medium, propagation of seeds and cutting, etc.

Sphagnum moss can be used in:

Air layering – Sphagnum moss is ideal for air layering’s, it retain a lot of moisture, is sterile, Ph Neutral, allow good air circulation through the medium, and is beneficial to the development of roots.

Covering soil on newly potted Bonsai trees – Placing a thin layer of sphagnum moss over the top of you newly potted bonsai help that the soil will not wash away, help retain moisture when using open mixtures like akadama, pumice or leca.

Terrariums for plants – Use sphagnum moss when building terrariums help to retain a lot of moisture in the container creating a high humidity level in the terrarium.

Terrariums for reptiles – Dry Green sphagnum moss can be used in terrariums for decorative purposes.  Though its green dry sphagnum moss does not contain moisture and will help to retain heat in the enclosure.

Kokedama balls – Sphagnum moss is used to make kokedama balls.  It retains al lot of moisture and its a great growing medium for plants.

Hanging baskets – Sphagnum moss can be used to line hanging baskets and can be filled with sphagnum moss or peat moss mixtures to sustain plants.

Orchids – Sphagnum moss is an ideal medium for the cultivation of orchids.

Succulent – Sphagnum moss can be used as a soil medium for growing succulents indoors.  It retains a lot of moisture as well as air helping to keep the succulents roots healthy.

Propagation of cuttings and seeds – Sphagnum moss can be used as a growing medium for seeds and cuttings.

Soil mixtures – Sphagnum moss can be used and mixed into soil mixtures to improve the aeration and moisture content of soil mixtures.

How to use Sphagnum moss

Place dried sphagnum moss in water for 24 hours.

After 24 hours remove it from the water, squeezy the access water out.

Fluff it out – this will help it retain more air (oxygen)

Its now ready for use.

Sphagnum moss can be dried and out and soaked several tines without loosing its beneficial characteristics.


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