Japanese Bonsai Cut Paste For Deciduous Trees, 190G


Japanese Bonsai Cut Paste For Deciduous Trees, 190G

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Japanese Bonsai Cut Paste For Deciduous Trees, 190G – Putty like wound sealer widely used in Japan and other countries for bonsai.

When making large cuts on bonsai trees its necessary to seal the wound to prevent it from drying out and to help with the healing of the wound with the development of scar tissue.  On wounds that dried out it takes much longer for the wound to heal.  The cut paste will remain soft and as the tree form new growth to cover the wound it will push the putty out of the way.

When applying the cut paste, take a small quantity from the tub, apply it to the wound covering all exposed material and bark.  Use your finger or the spatula on your rake/spatula tool to apply the putty.  Wet your finger or spatula to prevent the cut paste from sticking to it.

There’s two types of cut paste.  Japanese Cut paste for deciduous trees (tub with white lid) does not contain any hormones to assist with the healing process since deciduous trees do not need it.  Japanese Cut paste for Conifers has hormones mixed into the putty to assist with the haling of wounds in Conifers.

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