Aluminum Name Tags – Pack of 10


Aluminum Name Tags – Pack of 10

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Aluminum Name Tags – Pack of 10 – 77 x 25 mm – with wire ties

(Please note – In order to be able to wright on them with an ordinary pen it was necessary to make them very thin.  As a result they bend easily.)

These aluminum name tags are ideal to mark your bonsai trees with name, age, style, index numbers, etc.

The name tags are made of very thin aluminum metal, come with wire ties, and they will not erode or rust.

You can write anything on the tag, i.e.:

Common and scientific name of tree

Age of tree

Date and place collected


Date last repotted

Where you bought it

When you bought it

Your personal index code

Simply place the name tag on a soft surface like a black school counter book, use a ballpoint pen or stylus to write the details on the name tag and the details will be permanent indented on the surface.

No need for ink, paint or any other color item to mark the name tag.

The indentation will not be bleached by the sun or watering, will not rust or erode and will help you to keep track of your trees.

Please note aluminium is a silver color.

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