Rudi Adam Bonsai Sale

Rudi Adam was born in Vienna in 1944.  He saw his first bonsai in a furniture store in the front window on display.  The tree was a Hinoki Cypress and would have cost him a years salary.

Rudi’s wife took him to the Cape Bonsai Kai show at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.  Half way through the display Rudi had joined the club and became the 4th paid up member of the club (there were six members at the time).

Rudi’s Bonsai hobby grew and he eventually opened his Bonsai nursery Olive Grove where he taught many Bonsai enthusiasts the art of Bonsai.  Rudi was known by many as master, teacher and friend who was always willing to help and who created many Bonsai masterpieces.

Over the years Rudi build up a large personal collection of Bonsai and was always willing to show his Bonsai trees to visitors.  The collection consists of many masterpieces designed and maintained by Rudi.

January 2017 Rudi passed away.  His trees were placed in his estate and were moved to Stone Lantern Bonsai Nursery for care and maintenance.  The collection is now available for sale and is an opportunity for bonsai enthusiasts to not just own a good Bonsai but one from Rudi’s personal collection.

The trees can be viewed at Stone Lantern Bonsai Nursery.

All proceeds to be paid to Pat (Rudi’s estate).


The remaining trees will be on sale from 6 May 2017 at Stone Lantern Bonsai Nursery.

Trees can be viewed during business hours at the nursery as well as on the Website. Trees will be numbered according to the catalogue.

Contact us for more information on 0833750446 or