Stone Lantern General Bonsai soil mix – 11lt


Stone Lantern General Bonsai soil mix – 11lt

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Stone Lantern General Bonsai Soil Mix  – 11lt –  At Stone lantern bonsai nursery we have developed this soil mix over several years for our bonsai trees.

The soil mix was developed to be able to retain enough moisture for a tree for a day under normal conditions, while still free draining, economical and can sustain a bonsai tree for a period between 3 to 5 years.

We pot most of our trees in this mix.

The mixture is 35 % grid, with 65% compost (made from woodchip with 25% composted pine bark sieved through 5mm mesh.) with added bone meal.

Though it should was developed to be able to sustain a tree over a 3-5 year period its still nessasary to feed your tree on a regular basis to keep it healthy and thriving.  It does not have a lot of nutrients in it and you need to have a regular feeding program.

You can make use of slow release fertilizers like 1-for-All, BonsaiBoost, or Bio Ocean to help with your fertilizer program.


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