Go Organic – Natural Seabird Guano – 250 gr (9) tablets


Go Organic – Natural Seabird Guano – 250 gr (9) tablets

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Go Organic – Natural Seabird Guano – 250gr tube containing  9 tablets – 100% Organic Natural Seabird Guano in tablet form.

Go Organic works especially well for flowers and growing veggies.


1 tablet per medium size pot.  Can be placed loose on the ground or in fertilizer baskets. Water as normal over the fertilizer tablet and it will release fertilizer with the water.  Best results when replaced very 3 weeks.  Does smell for first few days.  Left loose on the soil surface it may attract birds or animals who would try to eat it.  100 % organic, won’t hurt animals.

N 0.91%
P 1474 mg/kg
K 2293 mg/kg
Ca 33.9 mg/kg
Mg 0.1%
Na 1719 mg/kg
Mn 0.01 mg/kg
Fe 2.51 mg/kg
Cu 0.56 mg/kg
Zn 0.61 mg/kg
B 0.67 mg/kg

Registration Holder: Go Organic (2003/021759/07)
Act 36 of 1947: B3839

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