Bonsai – Juniperus Procumbens nana – 2015


Bonsai – Juniperus Procumbens nana – 2015

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Botanical Name: Juniperus Procumbens nana

Common name:  Procumbens nana

Approximate Age:  2015

Style: Informal upright

Does it bear fruit/flowers: Very seldom

Size: Small 35 cm height and 16 cm wide

Pot:  rectangular blue pot manufactured in China

It was planted as a cutting in 2015 and trained since at Stone Lantern Bonsai Nursery.

Please Note

Bonsai is a living art.  Bonsai trees keep on growing, change with seasons and fruiting, leaf colour, etc.  Photos of the bonsai will be an indication of the style and how the bonsai as a product look, but the bonsai can differ as a result of new growth, seasonal changes and loss of fruit, etc.

Shipping by Courier

The pot and soil of the bonsai will be wrapped in clingwrap to prevent the tree from being dislodged from the pot.  Both the tree and pot will then be tied to a board that again will be secured inside a double sized box to keep the tree secure and prevent damage during shipping.

All trees are watered thoroughly before shipping.

On receiving the parcel.  Make sure that the box is the right side up.  Open the box from the top, and take the tree out of the box.

Cut the wires used to tie the bonsai to the board.

Water thoroughly until water comes out of the drainage holes in the bottom of the pot.

Keep in a protected and shaded area for period of 3 days before gradually over a period of 3 days moving it to full sun.

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