ARS K-900Z telescopic hedge shear


ARS K-900Z telescopic hedge shear

This long hedge pruning shears is super light and ergonomically designed for trimming hedges.


ARS K-900Z telescopic hedge shear – Can extend from 720 – 1050 mm

This long hedge pruning shears is super light and ergonomically designed for trimming hedges. Because the hedge pruning shears is provided with telescopic steal it is also possible simply to the high-hanging branches. Even for the older user is using this pruning shears no problem.

About this shear

  • HIGH QUALITY SHEARS: These shears are constructed from high carbon steel blades which is an incredible material for durability and longevity! These shears are coated with a chemical nickeled finish making them corrosion resistant and will retain their high quality look for longer. Garden tools should be made to withstand considerable force which is why we’ve made these shears for gardening with a sturdy base.
  • TELESCOPIC HANDLES: These shears are equipped with extending handles that gives a range between 720mm and 1050mm. Telescopic handles also give you a larger gardening tool that can convert to a smaller size for a more compact set of shears for storage.
  • PERFECT FOR FINE TRIMMING: Horizontal shears are perfect for fine lawn trimming, this feature provides incredible precision for your garden work and is very effective when tidying up desired hedges. Because the hedge trimmer is equipped with telescopic handles, one can easily reach the high-hanging branches.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT GARDEN SHEARS: The body of these shears are made from aluminium to give you lightweight garden snips whilst also providing a strong enough handle to withstand force from pressure when cutting. The overall weight of this product is 980 grams which is amazing for an extendable pair of shears, there are so many benefits that come with this tool.
  • PLASTIC BUMPERS: A double bumper system has been added to these to in order to reduce the shock load on the operator. A hedge trimmer with this attribute is essential for your comfort as lengthy gardening activities can cause irritation to the users arms and wrists. Enjoy outdoor maintenance again with these garden scissors!
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Additional information

Weight 5 kg

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