1 For All – Refill Tablets


1 For All – Refill Tablets

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This product contains a multi purpose, slow release tablets and Funnels.

Carbon enriched multipurpose fertilizer for the whole garden. It contains twelve highly soluble plant nutrients as well as carbon and humates for healthy soil and optimal plant nutrition.

Its a slow release fertilizer that can last for up to 6 weeks.  Replace it with new tablet when necessary.

Do not use more than one funnel per pot of 25 cm size.

When watering fertilizer will be released into the ground.

Packet include  6 x refil fertilizer tablets.  Remove plastic covering from the tablet and place it in funnel.  Stick the spike of the funnel into the ground as far as possible from the plant trunk.

N 134.4 g/kg
P 31.5 g/kg
K 81.8 g/kg
Ca 24.7 g/kg
Mg 11.0 g/kg
S 07.8 g/kg
Plus trace elements: Fe, Cu, Zn, Mn, B & Mo

Registration Holder: Green Gain Fertilizer (2002/010815/07)
Act 36 of 1947: K8241

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