Gary Howes water landscape demo – Oyama Winter bash 2014

Gary Howes from KZN did a water landscape demo at Oyama’s annual Winter bash 2014.  The event was well attended and Gary did an excellent demo on a tray.

These trays are made by Brett Simon.  He use pieces of caesarstone, used for kitchen tops, to make the trays.

Garry use Cape Town sandstone for the rocks.  The base of the rocks were cut flat with a stone blade so that they would appear natural when placed on the tray and so that they could be glued to the tray.  Gary then laid out the basic design for his planting and then first marked each rock’s position on the tray and numbered them.

The rocks were then glued to the tray with epoxy in their positions.

Gary then used muck to form a contained on the tray for the bonsai soil and trees.  The muck was made with mud collected from a river and peat.

Gary then first added a coarse gravel layer in the part where the trees will be planted.  This gravel layer will assist with drainage.

The trees were then placed.  Take note that there are two groups of trees, with one tree in the middle of the path between the groups to stop the viewer from looking straight through the trees.  This single tree is smaller than the rest giving the planting a 3D look, adding depth to the planting.  Also note that the dominant tree is placed first before adding the others.  The spaces between the trees also differ.  This is very important to give an appearance of a forest and not according to Gary a Sappi look.

Note how the size of the deer place perspective to the size of the planting and the trees.

In the future the canopy will fill out and give a more dense appearance, adding lots of shade.  The moss will also continue to grow and cover the ‘floor’ of the forest part.  With a little bit of imagination you will see Bambi playing hide and seek with his friends.

The deer were obtained from a toy store.

And hunting season is over.

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